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Referral Letters

Allison T.,

... Jane helped me step by step to express my buried emotions. Each session with Jane I had something new to talk about and something to take away to think about, or even projects to work on to express my next goal or idea. I felt a sense of accomplishment and confidence after my appointments with Jane, and a sense of hope.

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I have attended therapy on and off for years so have seen my share of therapists. Jane is one of the best. I went through a trauma and Jane was my one thread holding me together. Because of her skills in both behavioral and emotional therapies I was able to move on under her guidance. I cried and laughed with Jane. I learned new strategies to live by, and she helped me care about myself in the process. I love Jane. She was a lifeline for me.

Donna Benz MFT

...Jane came to Cornerstone with an innate ability to connect well with diverse groups, excellent communication and problem solving skills and tremendous insight. I would often sit back and learn from her. Jane would be very empathetic and patient but when helpful, guide clients towards personal growth at just the right time through encouragement, education and goal setting.

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Fran Howley, Ed.D. Fairview Recovery Services,

Jane has the gift of being warm and welcoming while at the same time offering direct ideas for healing. Because of her diverse experiences and studies, she is insightful, non-judgmental, and creative with therapeutic suggestions. Add a great sense of humor to these characteristics and you have a very professional, caring, fun therapist.